High Quality, Affordable

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Client arrival time at clinics is 8:45 am.

Monthly clinic locations:


Upcoming Clinic Locations & Dates:

ANTIGO T April 21 - Full!
  W April 22 -Full!
CRANDON W April 1 - Full!
  F April 24 -Full!
MEDFORD T April 14 -Full!
  W April 15 -Full!
RHINELANDER F April 17 -Full!
WAUSAU T March 31 - Full!
  T April 28 - Full!
  W April 28 - Full!


We are unable to take requests for new appointments at this time. We will resume taking appointments when the May clinic schedule is available. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

1. Call 715-550-SPAY (7729)
2. Listen carefully to instructions
3. Leave a clear and complete message, including a good time to call you back
4. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. It is not necessary to call and leave more than one message. Appointment requests for next available clinic dates are given priority.

Inquiries may be sent by email to clinic AT thefixisin DOT org

What people are saying........

"....<our dog> is doing awesome and we wanted to thank you again! We will be looking you up one more time for our other female as soon as we can get the funds together!" -Janel Z.

"Thank you for all the work you do and all the miles that you put on to benefit the communities....this is a great service you do." - Jenna N.

"THANK YOU for the great care and service you gave me and my 2 kittens 2 weeks ago they were fixed and given shots by you. They are all cured and bouncing off the walls again with no side affects! The staff is super nice and the follow-up call super sweet!! Thank you again!!! If needed I will be back in a heart beat!! what a great service you provide" -Julie S.

"Thank you for taking such good care of my barn kitties- Schekler and Blackberry. They are both very happy to be home, eating and drinking and resting comfortably. This is a great service that you offer to farmers!" - Tara F.


All prices include rabies vaccination, nail trim and ear cleaning.

  • Female Dog $100
  • Male Dog $85
  • Female Cat $50
  • Male Cat $40

Feral Cat service includes spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, nail trim and mandatory ear tip, $40. Feral cats MUST come in live traps.

Humane societies should contact us for pricing.

Additional services and fees:

  • Heavy dog fee (60-100 pounds): $20
  • 1-yr Distemper vacc: $10
  • Take-home pain medication: $15
  • Recovery cone: $5 (highly recommended for male dogs)
  • Hernia repair: $20 (non-cosmetic only)
  • Cryptorchid: $20
  • Antibiotics: $10-15 (if required)
  • Tape worm treatment: $5 (if tape worm segments found on pet)
  • Ear mite treatment: $5 (if ear mites present on pet)
  • Microchip: $20 (HomeAgain, lifetime registration and updates)

Offered by the Oneida County Humane Society & The Fix Is In

Saturday, April 11, 9 am to Noon
American Legion Hall, 121 Front Street, Minocqua

- No appointments required
- All pets must on leash or in carrier
- Cash payment required


1-year vaccinations:
Rabies - $10
Distemper combo - $15

3-year vaccinations*:
Rabies - $10
Distemper combo: $20
*3-yr vaccinations will be given ONLY if prior rabies
certificate and/or proof of prior distemper vaccination is
submitted at time of payment

Microchip: $25